What We Do

For Tarrant County’s homeless population, emergency shelter is just the first step. We’re dedicated to helping guests move into their own homes, and we help them get there with housing assistance that includes job training, employment assistance, life-skills education and much more.

Emergency Shelter Facts

  • As a no-barrier facility, we welcome anyone who needs us.
  • We’re the only free shelter in our area without length-of-stay restrictions.
  • We’re open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  • Our campus includes a shelter that houses homeless adults, with separate facilities for families (women and their children), veterans and those with behavioral disabilities.
  • In addition to housing, our emergency shelter services include warm meals, access to bathroom and shower facilities, toiletries, emergency clothing and more.


Housing Assistance Facts

  • Our comprehensive, customized approach is designed to help guests overcome barriers to permanent housing.
  • We often start by helping our guests get necessary documentation: identification, birth certificates, Social Security cards and more.
  • Because chronic health problems are often barriers to employment and housing, we connect guests with partner providers including JPS, MHMR and Cook Children’s Health Care System to address these issues.
  • We also have extensive on-site job training and placement programs in partnership with Goodwill and the Tarrant County Workforce Commission.
  • These programs are directed by highly trained, incredibly passionate case managers, most of whom hold master’s level degrees.

Business for Good

We provide gainful employment opportunities to our guests who are willing and able to work.

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