What We Do

Our 360-degree approach, consistent with “housing first” strategies, is designed to help those Tarrant County residents who are struggling with homelessness address their challenges (substance abuse, poverty, unemployment, etc.) from a place of stability – and break the cycle of homelessness. It consists of three main elements:

Emergency Shelter

We are a low-barrier, 24/7 organization, welcoming anyone who needs us at our main facility as well as our day shelter, True Worth Place:

  • Guests can meet immediate physical needs – like safety, food and hygiene – so they can focus on getting into permanent housing as quickly as possible.
  • Our facilities include designated areas for single adults, families, veterans and those struggling with behavioral issues.


Housing Assistance

Our comprehensive, customized approach embraces the “housing first” philosophy, prioritizing case management work that removes barriers to permanent housing:

  • This often starts with obtaining appropriate documentation like Social Security cards and birth certificates.
  • Once stable housing is attained, the challenges that often lead to homelessness in the first place can more easily be addressed.
  • Our FIRE (Family and Individual Rapid Exit) program aims to reduce and eliminate barriers that people coming into homelessness are facing, working quickly to move them out of homelessness and into a home.



Through UpSpire, our social enterprise, we provide gainful employment opportunities to our guests who are willing and able to work:

  • Open to all individuals who want to work, UpSpire employment includes benefits such as health care, case management and job skills training.
  • While our employees are welcome to work with us indefinitely, our goal is to prepare them to transition successfully into the general workforce.

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