Meet Stacy

Stacy describes landscaping as his passion. “It is what I’ve done my whole life, I love it.” This will be his second summer working as part of the UpSpire landscaping team. When watching the UpSpire landscaping crew load their equipment in the trailers and wrap-up a day of hard work, it is easy to see the comradery that exists among the team members. Stacy describes UpSpire as not just a team, but also a family.

Stacy says UpSpire helped give him a second chance and a fresh start in both his work and his personal life. Years before moving to Texas, Stacy lived in New Mexico with his wife, and owned his own landscaping business. They decided to relocate to Texas to help his mother who was very ill. Shortly after the move, a series of unforeseen challenges began to take place in Stacy’s life. Eventually, Stacy was no longer able to keep his business afloat, and the financial strain began to take its toll. Stacy knew a major change was needed or else he and his wife would be facing the possibility of homelessness.

When Stacy’s friend told him about UpSpire, he immediately looked into the opportunity. It wasn’t long until Stacy was back at work doing what he loves, now employed with UpSpire through a landscaping contract with the City of Fort Worth.

“UpSpire is like my family now. I would have been homeless if I hadn’t found this opportunity. I am blessed to be working with UpSpire and with the City of Fort Worth. The people we work with at the City of Fort Worth are great, their partnership with UpSpire is helping so many people.”


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