Meet Sheila

Sheila is the primary guardian of her three granddaughters. Before Sheila came to Presbyterian Night Shelter, she was struggling with health issues, the stress of paying expensive medical bills and solely providing all of the needs for her granddaughters. Sheila began to loose hope that she could continue to stay afloat financially and was terrified at the thought of her and her grandchildren loosing their home, which was quickly becoming a reality if something didn't change soon. That is until someone suggested she reach out to Presbyterian Night Shelter.

From the moment Sheila walked through the doors of Morris Foundation Family Services Center, she was greeted with love, safety and positive support. Staff and case managers have helped Sheila obtain the resources she needs for a fresh start and hopeful future.

Sheila and her granddaughters are well on their way to moving back into their own home, but in the meantime, they have found what they describe as “a home away from home” at Morris Foundation Family Services Center.

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