Meet Marty


Meet Marty

“When I got to Presbyterian Night Shelter, I prayed [I would]: (1) become a better person, (2) repair my relationship with my mother, (3) quit smoking and (4) meet someone to spend the rest of my life with.” Marty believes that with Presbyterian Night Shelter’s help, his prayers were answered.

For Marty, homelessness was never a situation he thought he would find himself in. Working most of his young life in construction, he always had a good paying job. However, the constant heavy lifting and manual labor eventually took a toll on his body. After one failed back surgery to try and correct a degenerative disc, continuing the work on which Marty built his career was no longer an option.

Once he was out of work permanently, Marty’s personal life began to take a turn for the worse. “I knew I needed stability but because I wasn’t right as a person, I ran away any opportunity I had to try and be better,” Marty recalls. Marty even moved in with his mother on a temporary basis hoping he could change things. However, things didn’t work out, and he found himself at Presbyterian Night Shelter after three months.  

But for Marty, Presbyterian Night Shelter was a great fit because he needed a space not only for emergency shelter and basic needs but also security and stability. After enrolling in the shelter’s Moving Out program, his bed was secure and he could focus on getting his life back on track. “Everyone is just helpful here at Presbyterian Night Shelter, and they don’t discriminate. They try and help every single person who walks through these doors,” Marty says.

But the Moving Out program was just the first step. Once Marty began working with his case manager, Mark, his journey really began. With his expertise and knowledge, Mark helped Marty set obtainable goals and navigate through the complicated process of finding safe and affordable housing. After meeting weekly with Mark, Marty’s dream of getting out of the cycle of homelessness soon became a reality.

Today, Marty and Mark are working through the last steps of securing sustainable housing while also ensuring he has access to transportation for all of his medical appointments. “All of my prayers were answered when I came to Presbyterian Night Shelter,” Marty proudly states with a smile.

Now, Marty has a new list of goals to achieve. When asked what he would like to accomplish next, his response includes: (1) getting connected to a local church, (2) continuing his journey on being a better person, (3) rebuilding his relationship with his mother and (4) starting a new life.