An Update from Toby Owen, CEO

April 2, 2020

Friends of Presbyterian Night Shelter,

As we enter the third week of what has become our new normal, I want to give you an update on the daily operations at Presbyterian Night Shelter.

The whirlwind of change we have undergone has required adaptability and flexibility from each and every member of the Presbyterian Night Shelter staff. I am proud to work with so many incredible people and deeply grateful for their willingness to take things in stride as we continue making changes to keep health and safety on campus a priority.

Effective immediately, daily COVID-19 health screenings (including taking their temperature and a questionnaire) are required for all guests and staff on campus. In addition to the health screening, all staff are now required to wear both masks and gloves while on campus. We believe taking these additional steps will only aid our efforts to mitigate any potential spread of the virus.

In an effort to keep the amount of time that staff members are on campus to a minimum, we recently implemented a modified staff schedule. Presbyterian Night Shelter staff now work no more than 24 hours a week on campus in an essential role (kitchen, janitorial, and other daily operations), working the rest of their week remotely from home (when applicable). Regardless of what job they hold, ALL staff will continue receiving full benefits and pay during the modified schedule.

Upending our daily operations, increasing supplies on hand, and addressing immediate, unexpected needs all come at a cost. Unbudgeted costs associated with COVID-19 continue adding up, putting undue financial strain on the Shelter and increasing costs by approximately $40,000/month ($10,000 a week).

A gift at any level with have an immediate impact on the over 500 men, women, and children currently staying at the Shelter. Your support is instrumental in continuing to provide basic resources and services to our guests. Donating items from the list below is equally important to our work to meet the needs of our guests:


    - Bottled water

    - Hand sanitizer (or Purell hand sanitizer refill bags)

    - Cleaning products (Clorox wipes, Lysol)

    - Gloves and masks

    - Disposable plates/plasticware

    - Paper towels

    - Bath-body wipes


I am grateful for your continued support during these difficult times.



Toby Owen, CEO