Clean Slate Program

What is the Clean Slate Program?

Clean Slate is a social enterprise initiative designed to erase the barriers that keep our homeless guests from working and contributing to our community. Our goal is to break the cycle of homelessness by providing steady employment that restores dignity and provides hope.

Open to all guests who want to work, the program will provide gainful employment, case management support and job skill development to aid guests in their journey from homeless to home.

Guiding principles:

  • When hired, the majority of our employees will be homeless individuals living at the Presbyterian Night Shelter.
  • All social enterprise businesses will become financially self-sustaining, independent of operating support from the Presbyterian Night Shelter or its funders..
  • All social enterprise businesses will provide a great customer experience.

How does the Clean Slate Program work?

Presbyterian Night Shelter has established the following Fort Worth-based social enterprises:

  • Clean Slate Crew Litter Pickup
  • Clean Slate Make Ready Cleaners
  • Clean Slate Commercial Kitchen Rental
  • Clean Slate Fulfillment Center
  • Clean Slate Commercial Janitorial
  • Clean Slate Retail or Office Rental

Clean Slate Enterprises are professional businesses that are committed to providing customers with a high level of customer service. Please contact Kirsten Ham at 817-632-7454 or to discuss your needs and how we can help.

How does Clean Slate prepare guests for work?

Our guests are welcome to work with us indefinitely. However, it is our hope that with the experience, resources and training provided at Clean Slate, they will be able to transition permanently into the workforce.

Central to the success of the Clean Slate Program is the Development Center. Open to all guests of the Presbyterian Night Shelter, the Development Center provides job skill training, interview preparation and resume help. The center also has computers with data courses and certifications.

What is a social enterprise?


Social enterprises are mission-driven businesses that directly impact hard-to-employ individuals by providing job training and employment opportunities. 

What difference will the Clean Slate Program make?

Find out why we established the program and how it will impact our community.

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Contact Info:

Kirsten Ham, Director of Social Enterprise